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☢ Educate young minds in an environment that facilitates the enjoyment of learning. Provide abundant resources and ample stimulation for all-round development of the whole child across emotional, social, physical, and cognitive domains using the multiple intelligences approach to ensure the development of strong, confident, life-long learners.

☢ Retain highly qualified, skilled teachers responsible for the development and application of lesson plans, scheduling, parent communication, etc.

☢ Create and maintain classrooms and play areas that are stimulating and safe. Provide an open-door policy for children, family members, teachers, and staff to ensure continuous communication.

☢ Prepare each child for admission into top schools.


Our name was chosen with much thought; it clearly defines the fabric of our philosophy. We are entrusted with the education and nurture of little precious minds and we take that responsibility very seriously to ensure their "Vidya Aarambh" is done perfectly.

At the core of our philosophy is the belief that each child is wired differently and so, each child learns differently. We do not take kids and dump them into the same mould. Rather, we create a unique mould around each child – a mould that fits perfectly into their wiring. This approach is our differentiating factor – the Multiple Intelligences Approach to Early Childhood Education and Care.

The Multiple intelligences theory is based on the work of Harvard Professor, Dr. Howard Gardner. Through his research, Gardner theorized that intelligence is more complex than the traditional concept of general intelligence, which he viewed as incomplete. He identified eight areas of intelligence that each person has. Further, Gardner maintains that these abilities can be nurtured and developed more fully. If these faculties are not nurtured, they will not develop and could possibly weaken over time. This idea of changeable intelligence was revolutionary, and its impact on teaching continues to evolve. Learning environments all over the world use this approach to transform the way they teach and the way children learn.

The eight intelligences that we nurture and allow to blossom are:

  1. Verbal Linguistic
  2. Mathematical Logical
  3. Musical
  4. Visual Spatial
  5. Bodily Kinesthetic
  6. Interpersonal
  7. Intrapersonal and
  8. Naturalist

It is not how smart you are; It is HOW you are smart!

At Vidyarambh®, we creatively and consciously employ this philosophy of multiple intelligences in our classrooms; we know that children learn in different ways and at diverse paces; that’s our approach to creating life-long learners.


The four foundation stones of early childhood learning are signified in our logo:

❄ Blue – stands for “academics”: the ABCs and the 123s and all that kids typically need to know for their "big school" interview.

❄ Red – stands for “healthy choices”: developing good eating habits, good attitudes, love for physical activity and a generally balanced style of living. Your child learns this through daily activities.

❄ Green – stands for “awareness for the environment and nature”: we are part of a larger system and that harmony with our environment is the need of the hour. Awareness about saving water, planting trees etc is crucial.

❄ Yellow – stands for “social skills and value education”: this is important as your little one steps out of home into the big world. Your child will develop a variety of social skills when interacting with other kids and adults. He/She will learn to solve problems amicably and develop a personality that attracts friends and spreads joy. The playschool will, with your co-operation, strive to instill basic values like honesty, integrity and civic sense, amongst many, in your child.

With these four foundation stones laid solid at this tender age, your child will be fully equipped to walk with confidence into “real” school and “real” life. At Vidyãrambh, as the motto “Ad Vitam Paramus” says, we are “Preparing for Life”.


At Vidyarambh®, we believe in moulding our kids into well-adjusted adults by giving them daily words of encouragement. It also does wonders to their self-esteem. We use words to express unconditional love, to encourage, to teach and to show appreciation.

We are the only preschool to have introduced the “green pen” approach where teachers point out good work with a green pen rather than the typical red pen for pointing out mistakes. Research has shown time and again that children learn more quickly and develop self-discipline easier when they have specific feedback about what they are doing well.


As a member of highly acclaimed international organisations like the Alliance for Childhood, UK, the CCCF (Canadian Child Care Federation) and Associate Member of NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children), we at Vidyãrambh®, strive to follow the highest international standards in Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC).

Both our playschool and childcare centers follow a strict "10-point" guideline system and are committed to excellence by adhering to the global occupational standards and code of ethics chalked out.

  • Trust & Relationship: We create a safe and secure environment for each child. A relationship of trust encourages communication,independence and self-confidence in each child along with a strong sense of belonging.
  • Curriculum: Our SMARTZ curriculum has been developed based on Multiple Intelligences honed and customised to the Indian setup over many years. While keeping the objective in focus, hands-on activities (individual and team projects) are planned to make sure each child learns in his own way and pace. Our graduates are the most sought after by K-12 schools and each has 2-3 admission letters much before they graduate.
  • Learning Labs: Vidyarambh® has seamlessly incorporated successful learning from East and West as well as modern and ancient times. iPad Labs, Language Labs, Spelling Labs, Shloka Labs and Yoga Labs are integrated into our daily routine.
  • Assessments: While a continuous informal assessment is done based on daily observation, a systematic and formal assessment is completed three times during the academic year. Progress reports are discussed with parents in one-on-one sessions.
  • Teachers: We are extremely careful to choose only teachers who are compassionate, patient, creative and responsible towards children, parents and their team. They are regularly trained to implement planned and age appropriate curriculum by integrating concepts of language, math and social-sciences. The teachers are trained in classroom management to inculcate positive behavior in children by being a role model to them in class. The teachers make learning fun and interesting in order to foster holistic development of the child.
  • Health: We are finicky about hygiene and follow a very strict Sick Child Policy at all our centers. Only natural and environmentally friendly cleaning products are used and a positive attitude towards health is reinforced by the staff. All school equipment is child safe.
  • Food Habits: Teaching children table manners and ensuring they finish their portions is an important part of our teachers’ daily routine. Our carefully selected meals are cooked in-house and tasted by senior staff before being served. It makes us feel really accomplished when parents of fussy eaters are shocked that their child has started eating everything happily.
  • Family and Social Values: Value-based teaching is the very essence of Vidyarambh’s philosophy. Basic manners, respect and honesty are mindfully inculcated. Our centres encourage the constant involvement of parents and grandparents in school events. Open communication with teachers and Center Heads makes sure that the child’s upbringing is a team effort.
  • Social Responsibility: Annual charity drives, tree planting drives, waste composting and visits to meet community helpers keeps children connected to the society and their responsibility towards it.
  • Founders & Management: The founders are highly educated professionals who are approachable and maintain a standardised system with well-defined procedures, policies, roles and responsibilities. They have deliberately created a happy and positive working environment. Their efficiency is enhanced through ongoing trainings, workshops, appreciation and appraisals. Clear communication is maintained between staff, parents and management.


Vivek Srivastava, CEO and Managing Director

He holds a Masters degree from BITS Pilani and a Masters in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence from Canada, with over 20 years of multinational corporate experience in the IT field in India and North America. Vivek has been guest speaker at various business conferences in Canada and USA, where he addressed entrepreneurs on goal-setting and maximizing business potential. Vivek additionally brings years of experience in public speaking and leadership training. He is a visionary whose key strengths are organizational leadership and empowerment, innovation, strategic planning, people management, corporate partnership and policy development.

Priti Srivastava, COO and Founder Director

She is an alumni of BITS Pilani and holds a Masters in Computer Science from Queens University, Canada. She has more than a decade of corporate experience in the IT sector from North America. Priti has an uncanny passion for little children and a clear vision of how the Eastern and Western education styles can be integrated and balanced to create global Indians. Her key strengths lie in her professional integrity, organizational capabilities, empathic communication, counselling and people management. She is an inclusive leader with a clear vision.



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Mr. Pramod Kumar

Founder & Principal,
Springdale Public School

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Prof. Madan M Nigam
M.Sc, M.Tech, M.A.Sc

Dean & Professor,
Guru Nanak Engineering College

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Mr. G. B. Srivastava

High Court Advocate

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Dr. Ajit Kumar
PhD IIT Guwahati

Chairman HR Review Committee CEL

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Mr. Shyam Mohan

Former AGM (Law), State Bank

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Mrs. Indu Nigam
M.A, B.Ed

Academician & High School Principal

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Dr. Anjali Nigam
PhD, B.E.M

CEO, WhiteSwan Consulting Group



Operation Management, Curriculum Development and Parent Interaction:

Each Vidyãrambh® center is run and managed by a Center Head. In choosing the right profile for this position, we look for the following attributes: Post graduate with Experience and Education in Early Childhood Education in India and/or abroad, Exposure to global standards, Excellent communication, customer service and handling, Positive attitude, Energetic and Dedicated.


Curriculum Execution, Classroom Management, Child Assessment, Child Care and Parent Interaction:

Each Vidyãrambh® teacher is selected through a rigorous evaluation process that includes interviews, observation and a probation period. The criterion for selection includes: Post graduates who have education/experience with small children and a passion for early child care and education, who display patience and love in the classroom, who are proactive and energetic, dedicated and creative. Our teachers bring a wealth of diverse backgrounds – some being Montessori trained, NTTs, engineers, PhDs, nutritionists etc. with one common interest in ELCC (Early Learning and Child Care).