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Established business model Create a new business model
Training taken care of by Franchisor All training to be developed and implemented in-house
Ongoing support available Trial and Error method of learning
Seller power of a brand reputation Make own reputation over time
Ready curriculum and regular updates Create own curriculum and updates
Operations Manual, HR Manual and Standard Operating Procedures Create own system for everything
Celebrations, Annual Day & Camps ready to implement Develop in-house from scratch or buy for high costs
Lower costs due to group purchase power Higher costs due to lower requirement
Ride on common advertisements Local advertisements cost more
Ride on internet presence Create internet presence from scratch
Shorter time to profits (12-15 months ROI) Normal life cycle to profits (2 to 3 years ROI)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it a good idea to start a preschool?
  • Highly respected industry
  • Can make direct and positive impact on the next generation
  • Work environment is low-stress, safe and positive
  • No credit – all fee is paid in advance
  • Recession proof
  • No inventory or wastage problems
  • Work timings are family-friendly
  • Low investment and quick returns
What kind of support will I receive as a Vidyarambh® franchisee?

The corporate team will support you end-to-end in the following processes:

  • Location survey, study and site selection
  • Designing interiors
  • Procurement of teaching aids, toys and equipment
  • Marketing support
  • Launch program planning
  • Recruiting staff
  • Training staff
  • Curriculum and methodology training
  • Ongoing operations support
  • Technology automation
What are the minimum requirements for opening my own center?
  • Investment – 5 to 10 Lakhs
  • Location – minimum 2500 sqft
I have no experience or business acumen – how will I succeed?

The Early Childhood Education industry is a respectful and noble one best suited for women who believe that education needs to be imparted right and without any compromises. Women are natural organizers. Women also are natural educators and care givers. This said, our business model is so established that success comes naturally too. ROI is usually within 12-15 months and the rewards are countless. If you are the kind of entrepreneur who is willing to learn and implement step by step in the right attitude, there is nothing that can impede your success.